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Please, bear in mind that this workshop will take place from 7 until 13 of July

A few words about the workshop

This workshop is going to focus on the qanun technique through a repertoire of the wider Minor Asia area and compositions from Smyrna.

The qanun is an instrument which offers special and rich possibilities as a means of artistic expression. It is mostly found in the music tradition of the Mediterranean basin, a region whose cultural identity is an amalgam of the multicultural influences- Arab, Persian, Turkish, Greek and Balkan music traditions have all contributed to its distinct character.

The workshop is going to cover the particular music references of the instrument, as well as to provide examples of enrichment of the repertoire by kindred music traditions which maintain a timeless interactive relation with our own.


began her studies on qanun in 1997 and got her diploma on Byzantine music under the instruction of her teacher, Spiros Pavlakis. She has taken piano lessons by Nelly Semitekolo and Eleni Zaharaki, classical percussion lessons by Kostas Vorisis and Kostas Theodorakos, as well as traditional percussion lessons by Vaggelis Karipis. From September 2003 to November 2005 she lived in Istanbul. While she was there, she was taught technique and eastern theory-repertoire lessons (makam) by very important qanun virtuosos, such as Ahmet Meter on technique and Omer Erdogdular and Necati Celik on theory.

Sofia has taken part in concerts and recordings of traditional, “entechno” (arty) and contemporary music, as well as in theatrical performances and a series of artistic events, both in Greece and abroad. She has cooperated with various artists like Domna Samiou, Hronis Aidonidis, Nikos and Giasemi Saragoyda, Antonis Apergis, John Psathas, Orestis Karamanlis, Dominique Vellard, Marta Sebestyen, Lost Bodies, Robyn Schulkowsky and many others.

From 2005 to 2011 she taught qanun at the Athens Conservatoire, during the years 2005-2007 she also taught at the National Conservatoire (Central) of Athens and from 2012 to 2015 she taught qanun and Theory of the Eastern music in Nakas Conservatory, where she was also the conductor of the Eastern Music Orchestra.

She lives in Budapest since August 2015.

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