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Please, bear in mind that this workshop will take place from 8 until 22 of July

First week

Christos Spourdalakis

Theory of instrument making

  • •   The tree as a living organism (briefly)
    •   Wood structure (Cellular - Macrocytic description)
    •   Categorization of the different types of wood - Description of their properties
    •   Relation between the type of wood and humidity

The Bouzouki - Part A

  • •   The bouzouki as a sound producing machine
    •   Understanding of the function of the different parts of the instrument
    •   Specification of the appropriateness of the material used in each part of the instrument (emphasis on the sound box, cap, kamaria, resonator)
    •   Helmholtz sound box
    •   Description of the mechanical-static equilibrium of the bouzouki
    •   Sonic predisposition of the different kinds (practical reference via combinations of different types of wood in order to achieve the desired results)
    •   Coefficients of audibility of the wood and practical examples (modulus, shear rate, internal friction, Poisson’s ratio, impedance (briefly))
    •   Description of the different ways of organizing the cap
    •   Scale determination

The Bouzouki-Part B

  • •   Basic design principles (brief description of both older and more modern designs)
    •   Natural polish (their role and importance, impregnation, water proofing, recipes)

Discussion on instrument making, its methods and different kinds


Christos was born in Piraeus and started making musical instruments as soon as he finished school. He also worked as a musician until thirteen years later when he decided to devote himself completely, exclusively and professionally to instrument construction. He has had various technical articles published.

Second week

Giannis Katos


Giannis was born in Athens where he lives and works to this day. At the age of twelve he started having classical guitar and bouzouki lessons. He graduated from the Pallini musical high school in 1996. Since then he has been working as a musician on stage with both rembetika and folk groups. From the age of eighteen he started his occupation with the making of string instruments at Christos Spourdalaki's workshop with emphasis on the making of instruments in the Lute family, acoustic and classical guitars.

He has had music and philosophy lessons at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland from 2000-2002 as well as instrument manufacturing seminars. He has taken part in international instrument construction exhibitions. Since 2005 he has been working with design cad-cam applications and handling cnc machine tools for creating sophisticated molds and prototype manufacturing methods.

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