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A few words about the workshop

We will become acquainted with musical pieces from the Greek tradition; yet, our main focus will be on music traditions from all over the world, whose common ground is the key role of the violin, as well as its different use from one place to the other. We shall also devote time to studying the violin when played along with special effects and loops.

Among our top priorities in this workshop will be to play all together, after having become familiarized with the material given, through transcriptions and sui generis orchestrations of the particular musical pieces, as well as to explore the means of expression our instrument provides.


was born in Thessaloniki and he started occupying himself with music at the age of six as a member of the Children’s Choir of the Holy Triad Church. At the age of nine he started studying singing and the violin at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. He has been a member of many city bands, such as Podilates, Boomstate and Evoi Evan. In 1993, he began a collaboration with Socrates Malamas and Thanasis Papakonstantinou both on live shows and discography. He has also collaborated with Yiannis Aggelakas and the Visitors. Moreover, he has played the violin and sung in the musical fairytales of Dimitris Baslam. At present, he collaborates with the guitarist Babis Papadopoulos. In 2005, Fotis and the guitarist Kostas Pantelis created the duet Sancho 003 and they recorded two discs, We Buy Gold and MUZGA. In 2014, he began a collaboration with Alkinoos Ioannidis, on the occasion of their disc, Mikri Valitsa.

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