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A few words about the workshop

The orchestra – a living organism.

Playing music in an ensemble.

We learn to play through communication with the other musicians. That way all of us through our own roles can create beautiful music together. Technique is one of the tools we need to take part in this process.

The pieces of music that we will be looking at will be an incentive to develop all of the above.

Musicians of all levels can participate in this seminar with any instrument.


Babis Papadopoulos is known as the guitarist of the timeless band Trypes. Several of their songs are his own compositions, while his style and sound are of the most characteristic elements of the band.

Until 2001 when they stopped playing, Trypes had recorded seven records – six in the studio and one live.

From 1992 he was a member of the band Loksi Fallaga who accompanied Nikos Papazoglou in his concerts.

In 2000 he orchestrated Thanasis Papakonstandinou's record Vrachnos Profitis which earned an importance place in the Greek recording history. This record managed to give the Greek song a more contemporary image by mixing Thanasis Papakonstandinou's sound with psychedelic rock and experimental improvisation. The record Vrachnos Profitis was voted one of the best records of the decade.

In 2001 he worked on Giorgos Christianakis' record Thiroros playing the guitars.

In 2002 he did the orchestration and played on Thanasis Papkonstandinou's record Agrypnia as well as creating the Laikedelika the group who accompanied Thanasis Papakonstandinou for the next two years. In the same year he did the instrumantation and played the guitars with Socrates Malamas on his last record Ena.

In 2003 he started playing with the well known saxophonist and clarinet player Floros Floridis.The result of this cooperation is the record Fictional Lies On Right Occasions which was released by jnd records.

The same year he worked on Giorgos Christianakis' record entitled Strange Stories.

In 2005 he did the orchestration and played the guitars on Socrates Malamas' record The Empty Room.

During the summer of the same year he recorded the music for Nikos Gramatikos' film Agrypnia

From September 2005 he started teaching in the department of folk and traditional music at Epirus polytechnic where until 2014 he was a regular member of the workshop teaching staff.

In the autumn of 2007 he wrote the music for the play To Oneiro tou Dodekamerou by Giorgos Theotokas for the National Theatre of North Greece.

In 2008 he started the improvisations Electric Solo – a project which represents to this day the spirit which is imprinted on the album Skines Apo Ena Taksidi in the spring of the same year by Puzzlemusic. The record is orchestral, all the tracks are played by both acoustic and electric guitars. It is a journey through the musical scenery of Greek folk music to rock and New York's avant-garde.

Towards the end of 2009 in cooperation with Floros Floridis and the well known guitarist Nicky Skopelitis he released an album Well Anything Can Happen. The record is pure improvisation.

Since 2010 he has been a member of Chimerini Kolimvites.

In the beginning of 2010 he wrote the music for the theatrical production Henry, Edward, Richard put on by the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre.

In the spring of the same year his second personal record entitled Ap' Thn Spilia Tou Drakou was released by Puzzlemusic. The record contains covers of Rembetika songs from the 1930s and four original intermedia.

In 2013 he wrote the music for the film To Mikro Psari by Giannis Oikonomidis.

In the beginning of 2014 while the worldwide premiere of the film was on in Berlin's 64th Berlinale the soundtrack was released on a collectible 10 inch vinyl edition by Feelgood records.

In November of the same year his third personal album was released by Puzzlemusic entitled Mesa ston Pono ein h Hara Mes' sthn Hara einai o Ponos.

The album was in various charts for the best album of the year. In the magazine Avopolis it was place at number one as the best Greek album of 2014.
Since 2010 after the release of his second album Babis Papadopoulos started and continues until today to give live performances around Greece and abroad with the band that he created.

The whole acoustic set which took part in the recording of his last album is compiled of himself playing the acoustic guitar, Fotis Siotas on the violin and the viola, Michalis Vrettas on the violin, Dimitris Vlachomitros on the bouzouki and Dionisis Makris on the double bass.

At these concerts they perform all three of Babis Papaopoulo's personal albums conducted by him for this particular music ensemble.

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