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The Raches Ikarias Citizens' Movement is a cultural-political committee which was founded in 1990 by individuals who felt suffocated by the political framework which existed in Ikaria. The basic stances of the movement are supporting diversity in the Ikaria society; the love and protection of nature, sensitization as far as the overgrazing and desertification of the island are concerned. Also other environmental issues and social interests were fundamental features of its beginning. In its non-politically biased framework it has managed to provide the chemistry for people of all walks of life to unite and create something different outside of the existing political parties. From 1990 it has participated in local elections until 2002 which was the last time it took part. Since then it has been occupied with the organization of various kinds of events, cultural and other.

The movement has organized some of the most important cultural events that have taken place on the island. For instance in 1999 it brought the Trypes band to the island, in 2000 Socrates Malamas, in 2001 Eleftheria Arvanitaki, in 2000 Thanasis Papakonstandinou, in 2004 Miltos Paschalidis, in 2005 Nikos Portokaloglou and Socrates Malamas with Orfea Peridi, in 2006 Pliatsika, in 2007 the Chainides and in 2008 Koutras with Haris and Panos Katsimichas which was the last summer concert to take place. At the same time it has been organizing events that are both beneficial to society and to the environment. Among these are exhibitions of local products, local awareness meetings about recycling, desertification, and overgrazing. It is responsible for the clearing and reopening of a large part of the footpath network on the island. Furthermore contributions have been made to the rebelled Zapatistas.

In 2012 the first music seminar took place and from then on the movement began gradually to approach and encourage young people who wanted to get started. Each year the music seminar has become stronger and stronger and more and more people have been encouraged to take part and a kind of nucleus has been formed. In 2015 elections took place on the island and many new members enrolled and a new presidium was elected and it is with zest and vision that the movement vigorously pursues its goals with their cultural-political characteristics.

The Movement remains a vital part of Ikaria and is organized by the below without any financial gain for those, involved. All the revenues are attributed to the Ikarian society through various activities. The Movement has never received financial support from any organization state or municipal. It is funded by those involved in its events and will continue in this way.

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