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How the music seminar in Ikaria started

From love... yes yes... from love for music and what it offers to the moments of life, from the difficult ones to the most beautiful, from the darkest to the brightest. From the love for a melody that moves you to lyrics that motivate you.

In Ikaria music plays a vital role. It is the love for music that gives us the incentive for cultural activities on the island like concerts. The first discussion with Dimitri Mystakidi about a music seminar in Ikaria took place at Thanasis Papakonstandinou's concert during the winter of 2012. The thing was that in most houses on the island there is a musician, amateur maybe but with an appetite to learn. A bouzouki, a lyre, a violin or a guitar can be found in most houses, but there is no opportunity for real learning which is also true for many of the more remote islands. Dimitris Mystakidis offered to come and show anyone interested in playing the guitar the basics in the form of a seminar. We were delighted and honored by his effort and initiative. During the winter we were given reason to be even more excited though. The group had grown and now included Manoli Pappo with the bouzouki and Evgenio Voulgari with the oud. The first music seminar in Ikaria took place from 30th of June to 7th July 2012. Sounds and emotions flooded the yards of Saint Gianni.

The atmosphere throughout, all the happy faces and the melodies gave us greater strength and will to continue over the following years developing and expanding the seminar.

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