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A few words about the workshop

The seminar (musical workshop) on the Cretan Lyre will include:

a) A short history and introduction of the instrument

b) Tuning, technique and a representative repertoire

c) Creating music ensembles and traditional scales*

* Students of other instruments are welcome to take part (Lute, Violin, Tampoura, wind and percussion) that are interested in getting to know their repertoire when approaching Cretan music.


Zacharias was born of Cretan parents and started playing the Cretan Lyre at the age of nine. From 1983 he was taught by the great Cretan Lyre player Kostas Mountakis and in 1989 he graduated from the conservatory of Athens.

In 1993 he created a Cretan traditional music band called 'Palaina Serefia' with a group of friends and enjoyed two recording successes.
He has given concerts both in Greece and abroad and has worked with top Greek and foreign composers such as Vaggeli Papathanasiou, Gianni Markopoulo, Steve Wood and Jordi Saval.

In 1997 he took part in the opening ceremony of the world Athletics championships, in 2004 he participated in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. He also travelled as far as Beijing with his Lyre to take part in the cultural Olympics "Greece's year" with honoree Nikos Kazantzakis.

He has taught for twelve years at the Greek conservatory in the department of the Cretan Lyre as well as in the Pallini musical high school and the Pancyprian musical high school. Over the last few years he has been a main partner at the musical workshop "Labyrinth".

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