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A few words about the workshop

Dance has constituted one of the first means of communication in human societies. It is interwoven with the human existence and it is embodied in the human life as an integral part of it.

Dance means expression and creation, fun and labor from the heart!

Dancing with other people promotes feelings of friendship, stability, self balance and comfort. It is a form of relaxation suitable for all ages and body types!

All of us can dance and express ourselves through the dances of our homeland!

There is a great variety in the Greek dances. Each region, each village has its own dances, and they may differ even between villages very close to each other. These differences are due to factors such as the climatic conditions of each region, the way of life of the people, as well as the cultural influence from other civilizations!

Dances from all over Greece are going to be taught!

From Thrace, with the particular style and the fast dances
From Macedonia, with the brass instruments, the various rhythms and the incomparable dynamics
From Epirus and Thessaly, with the slow but strong, determinate but majestic movements
From Central Greece, with the traditional Klepht songs
From the Ionian Islands, with their distinct dancing style
From Crete, with the proud dances and the impressive dance poses (“t(s)alimia”)
From the Cyclades, with the lightness of their dances
From the Dodecanese, with the jumping dances (“sousta”)
From Minor Asia, with the karsilamas dance
From Cappadocia, with the ceremonial dances
From Pontus, with its history, the intense and peculiar style of both the songs and the dances

Everything dances in the universe, each and every thing around us has its own rhythm!!

And this is exactly what we are going to do as well, in a trip around Greece!


has been a member of the dance group of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater from 2000-2006.

In 2004, he was also a member of the dance group of the Pontian Society “Argonautai-Komninoi”. That year, he participated in the Closing Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Athens.
When preparing a chorographical creation of high complexity in collaboration with the Artventure company, Nikos has been responsible for the organization and coordination of a group of 12 dancers.

He is a teacher of Greek dances to the Greek Diaspora, as well as in folklore clubs and dance schools.

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