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Please, bear in mind that this workshop will take place from 8 until 14 of July

A few words about the workshop

The voice, inside and outside the body

What is voice? What is our real voice? What is song? What is expression? How are these connected with our soul and emotions? How do we externalize our true feelings? What is our real voice and why do other people have that look of disapproval when we are among friends and start singing?

The seminar in Ikaria is going to deal with this kind of notions and our inner truth...

Each voice is it expresses the personal experiences of each one of us.

We are going to explore relaxation, training and strengthening techniques of the voice, as well as the role and importance of respiration, so as to avoid any possible damage caused by its misuse.

We are going to study the sounds of nature in relation to our voice, traditional songs and our role in them. Study and be alert through exercises for the voice, the body and the soul. Original melodies and percussion accompaniment produced by our own body. These and many more elements of nature and songs we are going to deal with in Ikaria.

Let’s explore our voice, let’s experiment with traditional songs of our homeland, let’s improvise, let’s free ourselves!

Precondition of participation: Open mind and clean energy.

Password: Make sure you have your instrument with you.


She was born in Panagia Trikalon originating from Metsovo. She grew up listening to a wide range of artists from Beatles to Moscholiou. When she was in the first grade of primary school she received a harmonium as a present from her grandmother and her musical journey started. She took exams and got into the Pallini music high school where she was drawn towards traditional sounds. She graduated and took part in many groups and at some point sang with Martha Fritzila at the Metro live stage. There she was heard by Evanthia Reboutsika and Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos and soon started singing with the street orchestra which was made up of the above two and Elli Paspala. She has also been working with Thanasis Papakonstandinou, The Burger Project, Eisvoleas and many others. She is known and loved for the directness of her production on stage.

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