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A few words about the workshop

•  A brief retrospect of the history of aesthetic and figurative representation of facts and actions since the primitive age till today.
•  Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: their role and importance for the political and social evolutions. Mass Media and reality.
•  Morality and ethics concerning the depiction of people and actions.
•  Conception and development of an independent photography project (image, text, editing, promotion).
•  Methodology of on-the-spot research and approach of people for photography.
•  Technical elements of photography, use of lenses, choice of place and lighting conditions.
•  Presentation of indicatory projects of particular photographers.

The purposes of the seminar are
•  the familiarization of the participants with the documentary photography as a means of registration and promotion of the various stories
•  their understanding of the plainness of this particular means
•  their acquaintance of the appropriate techniques and methodology in order for them to approach their future photography subjects with self-confidence and sobriety
•  and their contact with the historical frame of photography.

You don’t need to bring along your own photography equipment. There may be a small photography project along with the other events and happenings during the Musical Yards seminars, depending on the number of participants in the photography seminar and the flexibility of the group. If that be the case, the tutor and the participants who have their own equipment are going to share it with the rest of the class. Another nice and interesting perspective would be the projection and discussion of any individual photography projects of the participants, regardless of size and subject.


was born in Thessaloniki in 1986. He studied direction at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he is a professional press photographer. He covers political, social and sports-related issues. He has also been working on the refugee crisis in Greece and, especially in Northern Greece, since 2013. Dimitris has a collaboration with the Greek news agency Intime News, the Deutsche Welle agency as well as with other both Greek and international mass media.

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