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On the 5th July 2015 for the fourth consecutive year the musical yards of Ai Giannis will once again be filled with beautiful sounds. Kinisi Politon Rachon Ikarias has taken the initiative to create the special musical seminar based exclusively on love for music as its incentive and of course with no financial profit for the organization itself. The lessons will take place daily in the Ai Giannis area, a beautiful green settlement with a view of the Ikarian Sea. The place was not chosen at random of course, as in the minds of those who originally thought up the idea for the seminar, beautiful music in a beautiful landscape was one of the basic concepts.

In contrast to the previous years this year's seminar will last for 2 weeks. The reason for this change is the fact that Thanasis Papakonstandinou and his whole band will be taking part, so from 5th until 9th of July Thanasis Papakonstandinou, Matoula Zamani, Dimitris Mistakidis, Sotiris Douvas, Dimitris Christodoulou and Andreas Polizogopoulos will be sharing both their love for music and song as well as their knowledge, each presenting their own perspective from their own field. As an ending to this innovative event the organizers have decided on an open concert where the whole band will be present.

The second week of the musicalyards starts on the 13th of July will be devoted to traditional Greek music and will offer lessons in bouzouki, violin, guitar, oud, kanokaki, percussion, zither, Cretan lyre, Cretan lute and also vocals. It is with honor and great pleasure that the organizers will welcome Manolis Pappos, Evgenios Voulgaris, Giannis Zevgolis, Avgerini Gatsi, Dimitris Mitarakis, Vaggelis Karipis, Babis Papadopoulos, Sofia Lampropoulou, Ourania Lampropoulou and Zacharias Spiridakis. The special music teachers who took part in the previous years will be back promising an even greater experience for the participants. At this point it's worth mentioning that every evening throughout the second week the teachers will present work from their lessons as a kind of mini concert.

This year's musicalyards have one more surprise as far as the lessons are concerned with the presence of Christis Spourdalalkis and Giannis Kattos ensured. They will share the technique and secrets of instrument making during both weeks of the seminar. During the second week of the seminar the author Aris Maragopoulos will honor the seminar with his presence offering creative writing lessons.

The organizers hope to create yet another great interactive experience this year based on the love for music as this seems to have been what has made Musicalyards so widely accepted and complimented as an annual music event.

So, music lovers, attend!

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