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Children 8-10July

Adults 11 July

About the workshop

Children's workshop

Out of a sack full of colours, buckrams, stones, scissors and twigs…
Hop...! There it comes out the puppet impatient to tell its story.

Just like the sock puppet called “Sock”,
that was rescued from the legs of 3 laloyn,
and was transformed into a rempetiko singer, famous to all cafes of Ikaria.

Three 2-hour workshops for small and big children
that will bring us deeper in the magic art of puppetry.

Adult's workshop

Is it possible a silent feather to tell its story?
How can you make a teacup trust you?
What happens when a strainer shares its bed with a funnel and a pillow?

All this and more we will discover together inside the magic world of puppetry. There everything is possible.

This workshop is for everyone who loves puppetry, theater and play.

About 3 Laloun

"3 laloun" is a puppet-joy-party team consisting of Thomas Gkouzias, Eleni Kanta and partners.

Our goal is the cultivation of a heart opening space where fun, love and joy can happen.

We mainly work with children and adults altering our tools accordingly.

Our inspiration derives from numberous sources, varying from arts, traditions of the world, comedy, healing practices, nature....and the magical world of childhood.

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