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6-12 July

A few words about the workshop

Maria Koti, having as a starting point traditional Cretan music, the traditional music of her homeland, Crete, is going to give us the opportunity of an interesting tour throughout the story of the traditional Greek song. She is also going to introduce us to the various cultural singing traditions and amalgamations, from the Cretan “rizitika” and urban songs to the musical tradition of Minor Asia and the “rembetiko” music.


Maria Koti was born and grew up in Crete.

She studied the Greek language and also has a diploma in Byzantine music. She has occupied herself with music since a young age and participated in several album recordings. She has also co-operated with a great number of famous musicians and artists in Greece and abroad.

Maria has participated in various artistic, traditional and popular music ensembles. What is more, she has participated in Balkan music ensembles (Bulgaria, Turkey) and she has taken Bulgarian and Turkish song lessons.

Maria is basically a popular musician and singer, her technique been formed and influenced both by traditional Cretan music and her personal occupation with music genres from all over the world (the first album she recorded was a metal album -Asphodel- , for which she also composed music and lyrics).

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