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Travel agencies

You will find travel agencies in Evdilos (22750 32931, 22750-32745, 22750-32757),  Agios Kirikos (22750 23322), Armenistis (22750 71451) and Nas (22750 31007).


There is a medical office in Raches (22750 41242) and a medical center at Kerame of Evdilos (22750 33030, 22750 31228) that can serve mild incidents. The hospital of Ikaria is in Agios Kirikos (22753 40201, 22750 22330). 

Port authorities

There are port authorities offices at Evdilos (22750 31007) and Agios Kirikos (22750 22207).


In Raches, where Musical Yards take place, there are a Post Bank and a Piraeus ATM in Christos. In Armenistis and Kambos you will find Piraeus ATMs. In Evdilos you will find one more Ethniki Bank ATM and a an office of Alpha Bank including an ATM. All the offices of the rest of the banks are in Agios Kirikos. 


The police station of the island resides at Agios Kirikos (22750 22222). At Evdilos, on the main road, there is a police office (22750 31222).

Fire department

During the summer, the danger of a forest fire in Ikaria is very high, due to the strong winds. Be very careful if you camp or walk in the forest. Should you spot an uncontrolled fire, call immediatelly the fire department at 22750 41045 and the organizers of Musical Yards. You can also call the emergency numbers 199 or 112 free of charge.

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