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If you do not have your own vehicle, you can also get around Ikaria with the popular hitch hiking or choose one of the following ways:

On foot

The network of footpaths in Ikaria is much longer in kilometers than the road network. Walking you will discover the beauty of the island and meet the local people. Get yourself a footpath map which can be found at local stores, ask, get lost (a little bit!), go back and in the end you will get there. The footpath network of Raches is maintained by the Association for Climbing and Hiking in Ikaria and is well marked. Follow the red spots.

The yards where the seminars will be taking place can be found about a ten minute walk from the village Christos. The footpath which connects the square of Christos to the settlement where they will be held is very short (five minutes).


The bus route Raches – Agios Kirikos connects the airport with all the villages on the way (via Evdilos). To find out about times please call 694 0430526.

Renting a car or motorbike

The rental company Ikaria Holidays (22750 71077 – 6972221066) collaborates with Musical Yards and offers a discount for participants.

You can also contact Panelis Karimalis at his rental company (22750 71166 - 697 7199588).


You can telephone for a taxi (there is no taxi rank in Raches):

  • Katte Aliki - 697 2697168
  • Karoutsos Zanos - 693 2556072
  • Kouvaris Kostas - 697 9941908
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